The Skelligs Project is a collaboration between landscape photographer Eoghan Kavanagh and filmmaker Evan Payne.  It is an attempt to document, through images and video, the heart and shape of a small pair of islands off the west coast of Ireland:  The Skelligs.

The Skellig islands are a UNESCO World Heritage site that holds a monastery built by monks over many years during the 13th century.  We decided upon this project having never visited before, only hearing myths, rumors and glowing recommendations of this spot at the edge of the world.  After an exciting and encouraging start with our Kickstarter campaign, we visited the islands three times in order to capture as many faces and facets of the two rocks as we could.  Bathed in sunset’s glow, enshrouded in fog, or at rest under the stars, we were blessed by the Skelligs and feel that we’ve achieved a portrait worthy of the mystical nature of the place.

The Skelligs Project has concluded with the production of a Book, a DVD and an assortment of Prints.  We have done our best to make all of these works of art, the better to showcase the work and the islands.  We hope you enjoy, and find the time to visit or to purchase a reminder of this extraordinary part of the world.

The Book

Filled with Photographs and Words, this book is an artistic vision of what the Skellig Islands are and what they meant to us throughout this project.

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The Film

Featuring a short film produced on the islands, with music recorded by local harpist Aisling Urwin this dvd is a splash of immersion into the presence of the Skelligs.

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The Prints

  • Prints are available in 3 sizes, both framed and unframed, and can be shipped world-wide.

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  • View From the Garden
  • Top of Skellig Sunset
  • The Old Lighthouse

Eoghan Kavanagh

Eoghan Kavanagh has spent the last 10 years or more working on a personal project to capture the landscape of Ireland. His photo gallery, the Skyline Gallery is based in Kenmare, Co. Kerry. More of Eoghan's work can be found on his website at http://www.skyline.ie »

Evan Payne

Los Angeles native Evan Payne graduated from film school at USC before finding his way to the west coast of Ireland. He works long, happy hours crafting websites, films and other creations, inspired by the beauty of the Irish landscape and by the love of his family. http://evanpayne.com »

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